Powis Controls

WINS only uses Powis Controls.  The Powis-6000 Control has been designed to meet and exceed HACCP regulations.  It has been designed to answer the who, what, when and why of the thermal process.  Currently, the Powis-6000 can control industrial smoke houses, blast chillers and cook/chill tanks.  Equipped with Ethernet communication and solid state memory for reliability, the Powis-6000 provides secure reliable data storage and trending.

  • 131471060895State of the art microprocessors
  • Real-time operating system with battery backed RAM memory
  • OvenNet software interface with training for operators
  • Multiple internal probes control and display processor data
  • Shared data and programming with ethernet or other networks
  • Complete data logging for internals and temperature settings per cook
  • Summarized reports automatically sent to QA/QC departments
  • Data is secure and backed up in the event of network or power failures
  • Monitors rotating dampers with alarms in the event of failure
  • CIP System capabilities run through controls, reduces waste of water and resources
  • Enclosed in stainless steel cabinet, factory pre-wired and test

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